statement – our jewelry philosophy

In the 1980’s, Hans Schindler, partner of the platinum guild, established a gold- and platinum workshop in Soest – a workshop of ideas where we realize our own drafts. He prefers the discrete, the calm, the steady – but that does not mean the conservative – Schinder is avant-garde. His work is based on the set of Baudelaire:

“Modernity is attitude, not a phenomen of time.”

Hans Schindler’s attitude is restraint. It gives us pleasure by saving our eyes. No unwearable objects, no colorful potpourri, no bombast. His language of design is cool and restrained, but remarkable in shape, beautifully modulated, sophisticated, perfect. A good design needs to be timeless. A good design should convey a sense of serenity and stability. Hans Schindler’s jewelry is timeless and resistant to all currents of fashion. But is it cheerful? This probably depends on the owner.

Quote Hans Schindler:
“People should live with the things they love and do them good. Anyone who thinks that this jewelry is good for him should not be afraid of living every day to its fullest.”

The lovely things in life give their spirit to those who possess them.
– Antoine de Saint-Exupéry