1. Coming from Dortmund or Kassel on the A44, take freeway exit [56] Soest – Möhnesee – in the direction of Soest.
  2. Stay on 'Arnsberger Straße/B229' until you pass the third traffic light, then turn left onto 'Dasselwall'.
  3. At the next crossroad turn right onto 'Jakobistraße'.
  4. Stay on 'Jakobistraße' until you see the restaurant 'Buon Gusto' on the right side, then turn right onto 'Paulistraße'.
  5. You will pass the Church of St. Paul – now there are only 100m left.
  6. You are heading to a half-timbered house, take 'Bleichergasse' on the right side of the house. You have reached your destination!
Hans Schindler - Goldsmith

Bleichergasse 1
D-59494 Soest/NRW

+49 (0) 2921 16484

+49 (0) 2921 17965